Honoring my new work space

In Searching for simplicity on September 29, 2010 at 4:14 pm

New Office

My entire department moved to a new building last week.  We put everything in crates.  The moving company, ran by firefighters came and went.  I had the opportunity to sit at our old deserted office for a while, devoid of everything that made it be mine and ours.  All that was left was the dusty furniture, ancient beige phones, our ragged carpet and the clean spaces on the walls and shelves where objects had lived.  All our clutter was rolled away to pollute the new space.

I want to honor my new space.  Keep it clean and simple.  I still have my stuff in Ziploc bags in the drawers of the desk.  I am taking out only the things that I need.  After a while everything that is left will be put away in the supplies closet, donated to other fellow workers or thrown away.

Who needs to have 100 paper clips anyway? Or 20 assorted pens? or ancient file folders? Or all the other junk that I have collected over time and pushed away into the recesses of drawers and file cabinets?

I want to go down to the cleanest minimum that is workable and comfortable.  My list of things that I see absolutely needing includes the following:

1.     Writing tools (1 blue, 1 red and 1 black pens; 3 markers, fat tip, medium tip and fine tip; 1 yellow highlighter, 1 orange highlighter; 1 mechanical pencil, 1 eraser)

2.     1 note pad made out of recyclable paper

3.     1 cup and cup holder

4.     Staff files and binder

5.     Alarm clock

6.     Kitchen timer

7.     Calculator

8.     Stapler, staples and stapler remover

9.     Tape dispenser

10.   Tea supplies (two kinds of tea boxes and sugar)

11.   Cleaning supplies

12.   Plants (I’m thinking of creating a herb garden, the kind of herbs you cook with)

13.   Knitted basket to hold my water bottles (knitted it myself)

14.   Phone

15.   Printer

16.   Computer and stool for the computer (it is easier to move if it is on the foot stool)

17.   Wall pictures

18.   Kleenex box

19.   Candy bowl

20.  Presentation cards

21.   Manual

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