How to start working on New Year’s Resolutions

In Happy Hats on January 10, 2011 at 2:17 pm


The start of a new year is great for new resolutions.  This New Year’ Eve I ate my twelve grapes at midnight, made my usual twelve wishes and thought about my resolutions, which were the customary ones I have every year:

  • Exercise more and get so beautifully in shape that I’ll fall in love with myself again.
  • Once I’m beautifully in shape cut my hair short, very short, Alyssa Milano short.
  • Write my stories.  Write for my blog.
  • Have a more organized, clutter free, comfortable space to love and live in.
  • Do something to earn more money so we can buy a house without the money pit of a mortgage.

I set up my resolutions.  I was ready for the New Year.  I just needed to wait a few more days for the bubble of winter break to dissolve, for my pajama and WoW combo days to be complete, for my first day of work.  Then on my first day of work I would really, really start working on my resolutions and get them done for good this year.

Well, just look at them up there, will you? They look very pretty standing in front of their individual bullet point.  These resolutions are a vision.  They are an intention.  They’re nothing more than an attempt to do magic.

Thinking about what it will take to really make them happen is a different animal.  First I need to turn them into measurable items.  I did that for the exercise bit.

  • Exercise 30 minutes during lunch break 4 times a week.
  • 1hr of yoga on Friday evening or morning

Now that’s pretty measurable.  I do not believe it will get me so beautifully in shape I’ll look like Alyssa Milano though.   I will cut my hair short at some point this year.  Hopefully I will feel at least beautifully in shape when I do.  Looking at my life at this moment however, these short exercise sessions are all I can realistically manage.  So, I set up a calendar for January with the exercise prompts.  Printed it, set it up by my computer at work and on January 3rd I highlighted the first 30 minutes session of workout at lunch.

Now, the incentive for these 30 minute sessions of exercise is that I get two hours of uninterrupted time on Saturday mornings to write.  My intention is to work on my stories.  I realize the ‘my stories’ bit is really vague.  If I manage to complete my four sessions of exercise this week I think the two hours I’ve earned will be used to define what that means.

Then I have my blog, which I want to continue.  I have 30 minutes before work every day that I can put towards writing a post to publish on Fridays.  Like this one.  On which I have faithfully worked for the past three mornings.  And for now I have to stop here on the resolution planning.  The next two on my list are daunting.  Not impossible, just big.

Making New Year resolutions is only the beginning of creating change in one’s life.  I wish it was the only step, but it is not.  Not for me anyway.  It seems for me I need to do the following:

  • Chop the vision into measurable little steps
  • Evaluate what I can realistically manage
  • Add incentives
  • Document achievements

How are your resolutions going?

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