02 of 52 – Fish and Pebble

In My Happy Hats Gallery on January 1, 2012 at 5:52 pm

Fish and Pebble

I worked on the Fish and Pebble image for the past couple of days.  I enjoy the way my brain immerses itself in the quest for patterns, colors and details.  I am reluctant to stop and eager to start again.  It is fun, so much I haven’t played WoW during this time.  This image is of strange looking fish finding a shiny, beautiful, probably magical pebble in the sea.  They’re drawn to it and I can almost hear them go: “aaahhh”, like those little green aliens in Toy Story.  I drew the image this time without using watercolors.  Then scanned it, and added colors once it was digitized.  I’m still trying to get the size of the images right so they work well for mousepads.  This one is a bit short on the height for a mousepad.  It looks very nice in the notecards though.  I am getting some to use as birthday cards for my team.  I like that they’re unconventional, colorful and open to interpretation.  Maybe it will give people a bit of inspiration when I pass one around the office to get people to write their good wishes.  I’ll show them to you when I get them.

If you like this piece, you will find note cards, or journals, or mouse pads printed with it in my cafepress store. If you’re interested in a poster or canvas, you can get it at my imagekind store.  You can also like the post or comment if you like the piece, you do not need to buy anything.  I would love to receive that feedback. You see, I have a personal  Art Challenge for this year and I’m working on it, one art piece at at time.

If my blog resonates with you and you know other people who would find it interesting, practical or inspiring, please share it with them by email, facebook or twitter. Sharing is the only way my writing will reach new readers. Thank you!


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