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In Plan for the Year on January 6, 2012 at 4:33 pm

Goals for 2012

goals reviewed and updated on 6/17/2012

  • Simplify processing incoming home mail by the end of January – important, shred, recycle (well, as of June we have a shredder, and I’ve managed to shred a lot of the old stuff.  I’m still working on getting caught up.)
  • Simplify home filing system for important documents by the end of February – house, medical, finances, personal (nothing is yet in binders)
  • Obtain my driver’s license by the end of February – completed on 6/11/2012.  :D
  • Jogging Challenge
    • Jog at least 5 miles every Saturday for 52 Saturdays (re-taken in June, upped from 3 to 5 miles)
    • Go to the gym 4-5 times a week with flexibility for unexpected/scheduled work related events (re-jigged the routine in June.  I substituted with structured training towards 10k)
    • Run 10km by the last Saturday of September – or 3 times around UT Dallas or at gym’s (nah, I’ve decided to just jog them on a treadmill)
  • Add one or two servings of vegetables with lunch and dinner (mostly accomplished, frozen vegetables are friendly and Greenlings forced me to cook veggies a lot)
  • Simplify dinner time
  • Simplify morning time
  • Add tracing and French to Nicholas’ evening routine by the end of January (5 minutes of French added daily as of April I think during the work week at bath time.  It is working pretty good.  No tracing yet.)
  • Add French to my daily routine by the end of January (get my 5 minutes with Nicholas.  There is one person fluent in French at my work so I might impose and practice what I learn on her from time to time.)
  • Fix kitchen ceiling by the end of February (ha ha ha ha ha!… sigh)
  • Work on blog no less than 1 time per week (ahem, still trying to get a routine down)
  • Art Challenge – Create 52 art pieces this year, roughly one per week.
  • Reading Challenge – Read at least one book per month

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