01 – Jogging on Saturday

In Happy Hats, Jogging on Saturday on January 7, 2012 at 6:10 pm

Okay, I did it.  Or I rather say, we did it.  We went to bed really late last night, woke up at almost 8am this morning, had our oatmeal and dry fruits breakfast, left the coffee in the pot and got dressed for a chilly, somewhat windy weather of 45.  Got in the car and drove to the nearby park.  No one was there, and we forgot to bring Kleenex (this is important).  We had told Nicholas that we all would jog/walk a lap and then he and daddy would go to the slides while mom ran another two laps.

You must know that Nicholas woke up this morning and I could see he had had a nose bleed during the night, not a bad one fortunately, just enough that his face had a good dry bloody smear we had to clean with warm water.

We are in the park walking/jogging on the path, the wind is blowing on us, Nicholas and dad are pretending to shoot at aliens and monsters hiding in the trees and I can see this black glob of dried up nosebleed snoot threatening to slide out of Nicholas’s nose.  Did I mention we forgot the Kleenex?

We continued to jog/walk hoping Nicholas’s nose would hold it.  It did.  We arrived back to where the car was and dad went running to look for napkins, or whatever.  He came back to us and I left to jog my other two laps.  It was nice!  A bit exhilarating.  Me, the cold wind, the naked trees and my body moving.  I am not as strong as I thought I was. I had to stop a couple of times and walk. I am not as bad off as I have been before either.  I am glad I started hitting the gym last December.  I didn’t do a 5k today.  The path only goes for 0.7 of a mile.  I walked/jogged it 3 times only.   Couldn’t do the other two.

When I arrived to the slides my husband informed me he had found no napkins, but he had found Nicholas’s knitted gloves and they were now trashed.  Nicholas’s nose was still running, so I used my fingers to clean his nose.  I cringed when I pulled my fingers away with a bunch of still bloody snoot.  Ack! I cleaned my fingers on the dry grass.  That was something I would only do for my son.

We played some more and then went back home.  It was in all a good, chilly, frisk morning and now I am wonderfully awake and happy.  Next time believe me I won’t forget to put some napkins in the car.

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