How to crochet a hat in one year

In Happy Hats on January 11, 2012 at 2:11 am

It is easy, start it one winter and finish it the next.  He he.  I started this hat last winter.  I was really excited because I had just learned to do this crochet stitch that makes little balls.  I thought it very clever of me to make a hat that was all little balls.  It would make my not very luxurious yarn look cool.  However, as I was working on it the vague memory of a crocheted toilet seat cover with little balls that I had seen at some house when I was a kid came to my mind.  I believe my hat looks cool, but the toilet seat cover memory lingers in the background making me feel a slight embarrassment when I wear it and yet I wear it.  It took more yarn than I had expected.  I ran out of green yarn, so I started on my blue yarn and stopped at two rows of blue balls.  My fingers tired of it and the cold wasn’t as deep anymore.  Making a hat in winter gives me the sense that I’ll be wearing it soon and I’ll stop being cold.  Not with this one.  I put it in my yarn bag to rest.  I went back to it this winter on a specially cold day.  I wanted to add two more rows of blue balls so it covered my ears.   Last weekend I put it on, looked in the mirror and pronounced it finished.  It is fun and rough and a bit wide around my ears.  I like it, although I’d like it more if it was snug around my ears to prevent the chilly wind from sneaking in.  Not sure how to manage that.  Maybe in my next hat.

crochet green and blue hat

wearing crochet green and blue hat

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