02 – Jogging on Saturday

In Happy Hats, Jogging on Saturday on January 15, 2012 at 11:21 am

2012 - Week 2. Smiling at the end of my morning jog

I did not jog on Saturday, but on Sunday. I woke up, got dressed and managed to get out of the house before my son and husband woke up. It was fun to be up and doing something while they slept. I walked up to the park by my house. There is a small pond and the cement track that surrounds it is 1/4 of a mile. To do my 3 miles I had to go round it 12 times. It was 32 degrees outside and thankfully it wasn’t windy. I got to see a black bird with red feathers on its wings. That made me happy. I believe that signals the start of warmer weather. I had not seen any of those birds for a while. At some point I startled a crow and it left its tree cawing loudly. I saw a duck swimming in tight little circles and dipping its head once in a while under water. Not sure what he was doing. A couple of drivers passing by gave me the same look I give joggers when I see them early in the morning in a cold morning. A look with a bit of wonder, a bit of jealousy and a bit of “how can they do it?”. It fueled my determination to complete my 12 laps. I did have to make an effort to keep my count. On lap 3 I wasn’t sure of which lap it was. he he he. I came back to a quiet home. I found my husband and son in our bed telling stories. When I told them I just came back from my jog both looked surprised. My son thought I was in the backyard picking our dog’s poops and my husband thought I was in the kitchen working on breakfast or something. It was funny. I wasn’t doing anything for either of them or the house. I was doing something purely for me. It was interesting too. I believe doing things for me has become out of the ordinary. Maybe this year will be the year I re-create that space for me again?

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