04 of 52 – Falling Bear

In My Happy Hats Gallery on January 16, 2012 at 12:15 am
Falling Bear-for-blog

Falling bear

I created this piece in watercolor.  I enjoyed the creative process and the results very much.  It was a low expectation, low stress exercise in which I played with brush strokes and four different colors, and then waited to see what image or pattern would emerge.  This bear came into view.  I enhanced with permanent marker and charcoal.  This bear has been the inspiration for other pieces and one corner of  a short story that I’m still not sure how to move forward.  I enjoy the posture of the bear.  I am not quite sure if the bear is falling or dancing or just waking up.  The colors are great, happy and bright and flow in playful curves and lines.

If you like this piece, you will find note cards, or journals, or mouse pads printed with it in my cafepress store. If you’re interested in a poster or canvas, you can get it at my imagekind store.  You can also like the post or comment if you like the piece, you do not need to buy anything.  I would love to receive that feedback. You see, I have a personal  Art Challenge for this year and I’m working on it, one art piece at at time.

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