05 Dog and Porcupine

In My Happy Hats Gallery on January 22, 2012 at 8:29 am
Dog and porcupine

Dog and porcupine

I created this piece thinking about clean geometric lines, but then I went a bit funky with the sun and the lonely cactus plant. The main elements, the sun, the dog, the porcupine and the cactus are colored with pencil. The big areas were colored in the computer. I am a bit divided on this one. I start with the thought of maybe coloring everything in the computer and sharpening the edges of the porcupine and the dog, but the more I look at it, the more I like it as it is. Another thing that I can tell you is that I started with the dog. If you look at it, it seems like a broad drawing in the sense that it is a dog maybe only because I’m calling it a dog, the porcupine is more defined, then the plant and then I end up with a sun that looks definitely like a sun, but could very well be a sunflower. I like the broadness of it in that sense. Things are the things I call them, but if I put them elsewhere some of them could be something else.

If you like this piece, you will find note cards, or journals, or mouse pads printed with it in my cafepress store. If you’re interested in a poster or canvas, you can get it at my imagekind store.  You can also like the post or comment if you like the piece, you do not need to buy anything.  I would love to receive that feedback. You see, I have a personal  Art Challenge for this year and I’m working on it, one art piece at at time.

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  1. […] are playful.  Do they look familiar? If they do, you are right.  The sunflowers are the sun in my Dog and Porcupine piece.  I love sunflowers.  Their bright big heads following the sun, then nodding off when night […]

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