Love Card to Earth

In Happy Hats on February 12, 2012 at 10:51 am

Love Card to Earth

This is a tri-fold card that my son and I worked on for his school.  The main element of the card for me are his cats.  He took a cookie cutter in the shape of a cat to trace the head, then he drew the face, the body and the tail.  I made copies, traced the cat with a permanent marker, asked him to tell me what colors he wanted them on and then colored and cut out the cats.  The rest was just mom happily gluing and sticking stuff.   He did help me sticking some of the stickers, as soon as I reined my enthusiasm and remembered he was supposed to do it with me.

His card is now stuck on the window of the school’s principal along with other cards celebrating the cool project the school is engaged into: Recycling.  How awesome is that? My child is growing up having recycling as part of his thinking, doing and feeling.  We recycle at home.  It is part of how we function. We have a little bucket to place all the things that will go into the compost bin in our backyard, separate the plastic bags to take them to the bag recycle containers at the grocery stores, and put the plastic, paper and cardboard into our recycle bin.  Pretty soon, once the ground is not so hard we’ll set up a dog waste compost in a hidden corner in our backyard, that way we won’t be sending our dog’s poops trapped in a plastic bag to generate gases at the city dumpster.  Gross.  I know.

Anyway, this post is about a cool card my son and I made to show some love to Earth.  We encourage people who read the card to Recycle.  Please recycle 🙂  Help this ol’ Earth a bit.  Every bit counts.

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  1. Cute! I have trouble not “art directing” my kids’ school projects! It’s so hard not to.

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