Jogging – Goal review

In Jogging on Saturday on February 14, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Goal review.  What do I want around jogging? I want to meet the challenge of jogging 10K by no later than the end of September.  I thought at some point I wanted a subcategory of milestones such as jogging out every Saturday.  However, as the year moves along I realize that this year, at this point, I’m a treadmill creature more than an outdoors creature.   It is a combination of convenience, comfort and company.  Saturday morning jogs are a lonely experience.  Well, yes, I have the birds and the ducks and one time a guy with his dog.  I need more than the birds and a half asleep guy with a dog.  I do not necessarily want someone talking with me while I jog, but simply someone jogging alongside me and preferably many other some ones jogging on the same path.  I am not ready for any organized races.  Having the gym next door has spoiled me.  I do not want to commute more than two minutes to find company for jogging.  So, I guess my Saturday jogs are gone until further notice, however the big 10K goal is there pulling me to it one gym day at a time.  Then those are the mini milestones to report and I do so through Tweeter on my blog.  You can see them on the right hand column.  It is fun and satisfying to put a date and a couple of numbers to my daily gym effort.  That said, this week is kabunkers.  Our schedule didn’t work out well today, so I stayed at the office during my lunch and tomorrow we have a lunch I’m looking forward to.  I’m looking forward to the goodness of food eaten at a regular pace, with conversation and laughter sprinkles, with my unavoidable exercise of finding a comfortable place from where to interact so that I don’t get all quiet on people, discovering everyone at the table to be the regular human beings we all are, and finally finding comfort in the experience.  Going to the gym at lunch time means to me, coming back to the office, cramming my lunch in under five minutes while I check a couple of emails and moving on down the list of things to do.  No social goodies involved.  I do not mind.  I want my gym time and I’ve chosen to trade if for the social experience.  So, all that to say, that I will have missed two gym days this week and there’s no way to have my cake and eat it.  Is that the right expression? Happy Valentine’s!


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  1. It’s great that you haven’t let the fact that the outdoors doesn’t really work for you steer you away from your goal! The most important thing is that you enjoy it, otherwise what’s the point! 🙂

  2. I was wondering how well you resist that frozen wind. Brrrr!!!! And I think, it’s ok not to do jogging for a while. You’ll find those moments you need to jog.
    Meanwhile, enjoy some other kind of activities.

    • Lol! Well, it is not that cold anymore really. Although probably it is in comparison with your corner of the world. Gracias por las ganas! 🙂 Big hugs and kisses your way.

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