11 – Orange Dancer

In My Happy Hats Gallery on February 18, 2012 at 10:37 am

Orange Dancer

I think I’ve been saying this for all my pieces and I’ll have to say it for this one too.  I really like it.  The brightness of the color and the movement are what do it for me.  It is interesting that by working on creating a piece I discover what my likes are around images and colors.

This one belongs to the Dancers’ series that came up from solid color blots of poster paint on paper.  I finished with charcoal and upped the brightness a notch after scanning.  These Dancers remind me of a French graphic novel series I read when I was a kid.  Cannot for my life remember the name, but it was good and it introduced me to to odd far away alien worlds.  All of them with strange creatures living in them.  The heroes of course were human.  What I liked about these novels was the grittiness of the creatures and their worlds.  There was dirt and commonness, and strangeness and misery, and danger and joy in a barefoot kind of way.  These Dancers remind me of that.

If you like this piece, you will find note cards, journals, and mouse pads printed with it in my cafepress store. If you’re interested in a poster or canvas, you can get it at my imagekind store.  You can also like the post or comment if you like the piece, you do not need to buy anything.  I would love to receive that feedback. You see, I have a personal  Art Challenge for this year and I’m working on it, one art piece at at time.

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  1. I like these loose, wild and slightly crazy pieces! Lots of fun and like your process… starting with blobs and figuring it out from there. It forces you to be creative and work with what you have. Good job!

    • Thank you! 🙂 Yes! It is fun and slightly crazy. I like that. What I enjoy most is the low pressure of the exercise and that after a second look I really like what came up from it.

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