19 – Elephant plays with mud

In Ink Paths on April 1, 2012 at 9:22 am

I’ve heard time an again how much people enjoy being unplugged, away from the pull of the internet goodies.  I can vouch for that.  My son’s grandma is a person that pretty much saw the internet, used it for work and at home decided she was fine without it.  She has a phone, cable tv, an unplugged computer for a couple of card games she likes and a small cd player with a couple of handfuls of cds.  That’s it.  Her house is an oasis of calm for me.  Whenever we visit we keep the tv at low volume if on at all.  There are no other ways to entertain yourself but with a card game or other table or building games we bring.  She also has this empty room that my husband and my son use to play with a ball, or yesterday they hauled the train set out from the closet.  Or we go to her backyard and play ball or blow bubbles, or go out for a long walk around the neighborhood.  I really love the pace that we find at grandma’s house.  So, yesterday before we went to visit grandma I prepared 4 sheets with ink.  I worked on one while my husband and son played in the ball/train room and grandma cheered them on.  I turned the sheet around and finally the word ‘elephant’ came to me.  He was there, clear and defined in the eye of my mind, covered in mud.  The ink mud sliding down its body.  I thought: “oh, that’s just too common, let’s see if I can find something else.” So I turned it around a few more times and this thought in a soft voice came up: “Why do you want to look for something else? I am an elephant.”  And it is… a happy one.

Elephant plays with mud


If you like this piece, you will find note cards, journals, and mouse pads printed with it in my cafepress store. If you’re interested in a poster or canvas, you can get it at my imagekind store.  You can also like the post or comment if you like the piece, you do not need to buy anything.  I would love to receive that feedback. You see, I have a personal  Art Challenge for this year and I’m working on it, one art piece at at time.

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