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In Posts that caught my eye on May 30, 2012 at 3:30 pm

I am currently working on a piece, which is taking longer than a week to complete.  I had the great idea of making a ton of little icons, you’ll see.  It has been fun and consuming the little time I have left during the week.  Anyway.  I wanted to share again some of the posts that have caught my eye.  I am inspired!

side note: digging for bottles by Alex Konczal at I Stack Rocks.  I am a recycle fan, and Alex who lives in a 120 year old farm is taking recycle on a time travel by digging in the 120 year old family landfill the dwellers of the farm created.  He has unearthed beautiful old glass bottles that he hopes can find a renewed life today.

miraculous provision in Pompeii by willtravelwithkids in willtravelwithkids. I dream of the day when I can take my own little family out to check out some interesting corners of this world.  This little family is right now out there, with their little kids, checking out the world and finding off the beaten track places to change a diaper!

3D printing by m moroe design at in m monroe design.  I think 3D printing is really cool.  It’ll be nice when the day comes that it is as common as printing t-shirts.  Maybe then I will add some 3D prints of my art to my store 😀

Inspired by Taiwan by Eileen in My Neon Sign Lullaby.  I really like the composition Eileen shows.  The elements have a specific meaning, the composition is sharp and clean and I love the colors.  Do check out as well her Doodles page.  She definitely has a singular style.


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