25 – Looking into the pond

In My Happy Hats Gallery, Short Stories on June 10, 2012 at 4:13 pm

Looking into the pond

I am working to complete a very small story with this Sick Moon series, so I won’t add this or the following Moon images to my imagekind or cafepress stores.  I would still love your feedback, please feel free to comment or to like this post.

There seems to be something at the bottom of the pond that inundates this oasis with color.  What is it?

You may notice this illustration is very similar to Cat looking into pond.  I won’t consider it a cheat though.  🙂

Please find below the story panes in order.

1. Windmills and Moon

2. Moon over Towers

3. Sick Moon

4. Turtles at Sea

5. An Oasis of Color

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  1. Hola manita: me gustan los colores que usas, dan sensación de alegría. Y los dibujos, también me encantan como para ilustrar pequeñas historias, así, como se te ha ocurrido. En pocas palabras, me gusta!

    • Gracias! Tengo planeado un cuento corto con las ilustraciones de la Luna. Me faltan 4 o 5 mas para terminar esta. Me tengo que apurar para poder acabar a finales de Junio 🙂

  2. […] 6. Looking into the pond […]

  3. […] back to my Sick Moon story.  I have here another version of Cat looking into the pond.  This time we are looking from above, and oh my goodness, those are huge […]

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