To jog a 10K on Saturday

In Jogging on Saturday on June 19, 2012 at 4:42 pm

I completed the first week.  Yay!

Monday.  1 hour of grueling yoga poses following Nicki Doane in her Ashtanga Yoga Beginner’s Workout video.   I didn’t know Yoga could make you that strong.  I am at this point kind of pitiful at Yoga.

Tuesday.  I completed 3 miles of actual jogging with 4 reps of 20seconds each at my full speed.  I managed to breath in those 20 seconds.  Didn’t know a 20 second period was so long you could actually do that.

Wednesday.  Lovely

Thursday. I was actually excited about just doing 3 miles, no repetitions.  I did.  I jogged them all and didn’t count the warm up distance.

Friday.  Rocking

Saturday.  I got up at 5.40am. Stumbled into my jogging shoes and climbed on the treadmill.  I started walking to warm up with the idea that I wasn’t going to count the warm-up as part of the 5 miles.  Just like I’d done on Thursday. Well, once I got to 3.4 miles or so I decided that shuck it, I was going to count the warm up distance as part of the 5 and it didn’t matter that I walked some.  He he he.  It took me 1hr and 5 minutes to finish.   I absolutely enjoyed the shower at 7am and the rest of a long Saturday with the feeling of having accomplished something important first thing in the day.

Sunday. I didn’t do 30 minutes of yoga before going to bed.  I did about one hour of grueling weed pulling along with my husband and son.  It turned out to be a pretty good and fun exercise session and our front yard looks much better.  Note  to self: Sunblock the heck out of everyone before attacking the weeds next time  😀  Does this expression make any sense? Sunblock the heck out of everyone?

My evaluation of this week: My body was challenged in a good achievable way. My mind needs more work in fending off voices (as in: I need to go out and make breakfast, it is getting late, my son is going to wake up and I haven’t finished, blah, blah, blah) and maintaining a positive attitude (as in: You’re doing good, keep on going, that kind of thing rather than: I’m tired, maybe I should stop).  Overall I enjoyed my whole training week.  Next week I plan to repeat the first week.  The reason is that on Saturday I didn’t fully jog the 5 miles and I want to build up to it.


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  1. I am SO impressed. You are doing much better with this schedule than I am. Way to go!! 🙂

    • Thank you, Tracy! It’s been a welcome change of pace. Thank you very much for posting about it and giving me a way to spice up my workouts. I appreciate it.

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