To jog a 10K on Saturday

In Jogging on Saturday on June 26, 2012 at 3:42 pm

I did not complete the second week.  😦

Monday.  40 min hour of grueling yoga poses following Nicki Doane in her Ashtanga Yoga Beginner’s Workout video.   The workout in the video is 1hr 40 min.  Last week I did the first hrs.  This week I just hit “ON” on the DVD player and started with the last 40 min.  I realized that jumping into the last 40 min without my body warmed up by the first hour is not quite a good idea.  My muscles did not appreciate being stretched without warning.  Not sure how this coming Monday will work out.  We’ll see.

Tuesday.  I completed 3 miles of actual jogging with 4 reps of 20seconds each at my full speed.  Being able to do this makes me feel strong and happy and gives me something to look forward to.

Wednesday.  I went to lunch with a couple of good friends.  I had a vegetarian lunch and we all split an order of pancakes with walnuts and chocolate chips on top.  I absolutely enjoyed my friends, my veggie meal and the pancakes.

Thursday. I completed 3 miles jogging, no repetitions.  I didn’t count the warm up distance.  Yeah!  I feel all happy about it.

Friday.  Spent my lunch time cutting pieces for the puppets my son’s class will build up.  My idea to have puppets that have joints and move with a string.  His teacher is kind enough that she took me seriously and we’re going to implement. The puppets will be cool community helpers.

Saturday.  Okay, here’s where a major breakdown happened.  I forgot my tennis shoes at work. I still have my old tennis shoes from hell at home, but they’re walking the green mile.  I cannot wear those objects of torture on my feet anymore.  So, I didn’t jog, nor did yoga or nothing.  I just drove to the store on my own!!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!

Sunday. We continued working on the front yard, and we’ll have a guy coming next week to do an appraisal of the house.  He will take pictures from the inside so we cleaned some.  I consider all that a good 30 min exercise session.

My evaluation of this week: It was a good week except for the (ahem) minor Saturday hiccup.  I will repeat week 1 again and start looking for an additional pair of tennis shoes to keep at home.  The excuse of having forgotten my tennis shoes at work can only be good for one time.


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