27 – Cat and pebble

In My Happy Hats Gallery, Short Stories on July 8, 2012 at 1:51 pm

Cat and pebble

I am working to complete a very small story with this Sick Moon series, so I won’t add this or the following Moon images to my imagekind or cafepress stores.  I would still love your feedback, please feel free to comment or to like this post.

Our cat has found the source of the slivers of color that float up from the pond.  It is a magical looking pebble.  Some of the fish are curious too

Please find below the story panes in order.

1. Windmills and Moon

2. Moon over Towers

3. Sick Moon

4. Turtles at Sea

5. An Oasis of Color

6. Looking into the pond

7. Cat under water

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