The Dead Fish Cake

In Happy Hats on August 23, 2012 at 12:57 pm

I am gearing up to make the Dead Fish cake for my son’s birthday party.  He asked for a cake in the shape of a dead fish.  Something horrific and at the same time funny.


1. Baking Experience (1 aka total noob).  Once, a long time ago, my brother Daniel and I attempted to make a chocolate cake.  Not sure what went wrong but we ended up with a brown block of stuff hard as a brick.  We tried to cut it with a bread knife and it sounded like we were sawing a log.

2. Decorating Experience (1 ). I have never been successful at making a beautiful looking cake, they’ve all more or less looked like dead things.  Which is I guess a step in the right direction with this project.  Last year I made a cake for my son’s 4th birthday.  It was supposed to look like Spiderman.  I ended up with a melting red icing mess spreaded on the cake, my saving grace was the bobble head Spiderman figure I bought to put on top of the cake. Now, that was awesome.

3. Fondant Making Experience (0).  Never tried it.  However I found these two you tube videos to help me out.  I like the experience on the second video the best. They both seem so neat and composed, and all looks so easy and tidy.  However I’m suspecting my experience will be more like the first video, where half her marshmallows have been ransacked from the bag by a hungry mob, her hair is springing out from her head in all directions, she looks tired with globs of melted marshmallows in her hands, and still bravely tries to do her best and keep a smile for the camera.  Ha! I won’t be making any videos though.

by almonds13

by MichEllie

  1. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to eating some dead fish cake. It better be beautiful looking.

  2. It will be horribly beautiful! I promise you that.

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