Jogging Stats

In Jogging on Saturday on September 14, 2012 at 7:38 am

I decided to do a little analysis on my jogging for this year.  This is what came out.

I started jogging in 1/24/12.  The aim was to jog 10K in September.  I have since pushed that goal back to October.

From 1/24/12 up to 9/10/12 I have:

  • Jogged 232.81 miles, an average of 4.39 miles per day I jogged
  • Spent 26632.9 calories, an average of 502 calories per day I jogged

That is not as good as it could be.  You see, from 1/24/12 to 9/10/12 there are 165 workdays of which I have jogged only in 45.  That’s only 27% of the days I could have taken advantage of the gym next door.  The good news is that this amount of effort has kept me in the same weight and pants size.   And I feel I can jog and will be able to do that 10k in October.  It has put my mind back in that place.  That’s a big change.

I remember when I started I was thinking maybe it was time to be content with just a brisk walk. I was starting to believe I was too old and rickety to do any jogging.  Now I know it is not so.  Not yet.

Here are some other stats:

  • I jogged 5.43 miles on my best day – Not bad.  10k is 6.2 miles.
  • I jogged 2.53 on my worst
  • I jogged 11 days on February and March
  • I jogged 1 day in January and up to 9/10/12 just 1 in September

In seeing these numbers I understand now why every time I weigh myself or try my brown capris pants nothing has changed.  The scale still shows the same number and I can’t zip up my capris pants!  Well, I could, but that would be VERY uncomfortable.

So, I have an immediate goal:

  • Increase to 15 or more the days I jog each month

Maybe in 6 months or so I’ll do my stats again and I’ll see nicer numbers.


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