Shinny Pebbles from the web

In Posts that caught my eye on October 29, 2012 at 5:01 am

I found some shinny pebbles the other day as I strolled through the web. I could not resist picking them up and share them with you. Please enjoy.

Birth of an Art Salesman, a painting by Dan Herczak

I like the roughness of the piece, much like its subject.   The single palette of purples/reds(?) makes the piece look old and serious.  I really like it. Click on the image to go to the artist’s post.

Painting by Dan Herczak

Into the Water by Kyle Murphy

This piece depicts a couple of sharks in the deep of the ocean.  I like the way the sharks look on the edge of being organic and robotic, not quite either but both.  Click on the image to  to go to the artist’s post.

Into the Water by Kyle Murphy

Book Cut Sculptures by Su Blackwell

These are so beautiful! Truly wonderful and inspiring.  You simply have to see them. I had seen some artwork like this before, but not quite so impressive.  Click on the image to go to the artist’s website.  She has a lot of pieces you can check out.

Book Cut sculptures by Su Blackwell

NYC ‘micro maximalist’ turns teeny-tiny apartment into work of art by Bill Briggs, NBC News Contributor

I think that when my husband and I are old, we’ll ditch the house, move into a tiny apartment or better yet, one of those tiny houses you can haul with a truck and forever live at our son’s backyard.  He he he he.  Regardless, I believe minimalist living is great and simplifies life immensely.  The reason I picked up this pebble is because I can’t but admire the tenacity and work it takes to get there.  I’m not ready for a tiny house, but I strive to simplify.  Click on the photo to get to the article.

Photo from the article by Bill Briggs, NBC News contributor

  1. These are all interesting. Well…except the last one. That one’s a bit nightmarish. Not the picture, but your comments above it.

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