Jogging Stats – October

In Jogging on Saturday on November 1, 2012 at 12:42 pm

Here’s a look at my jogging numbers for October.  It is working in a positive way knowing how many days I am running a month.  It is making me feel the ‘waste’ of opportunities.

General stats:

  • Jogged 49.13 miles, an average of 4.09 miles per day I jogged – this month is in 3rd place of most distance covered.  The best has been February with 51.12.
  • Spent 5701.1 calories, an average of 475.09 calories per day I jogged

Other stats:

  • My longest distance was 5.44 miles – Not bad.  10k is 6.2 miles.
  • My shortest distance was 1.76 miles – This was a day when I had to push myself out of the office and all the way into the gym.  I walked on an incline and read.  My mantra was: “Every little helps.  You have to get your numbers up.  Come on.”
  • I jogged 12 days this month out of 20 available workdays – 🙂 Improving!  Right now the goal is to do at least 15.

Fridays are a day I hardly ever take to jog.  Mondays are usually good days.

  1. www. es sorprendente. yo necesito incorporar al menos 10min caminando . al día .

    • Gracias! Asi empieza, de a poquito. Comprate un cuaderno para que anotes los dias en que caminaste. Ver tus estadisticas en papel ayuda a motivarte. 🙂

  2. Thank you! November is not looking as good though.

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