Dreaming of Dragons

In Bamboo Sketches on April 19, 2013 at 5:23 am

I started this illustration from a place where wiggling my toes on a fresh vacuumed carped filled me with joy.  I complete it on a Friday in a place where I finally understood that getting up at 5am and closing my eyes in bed at about 10.40ish at night actually leaves me only 6 hours to sleep.  I thought for the longest time that I was actually sleeping 7 hrs or a bit more.   It is interesting how having this in my awareness makes me feel sleepier than when it was hidden.  So, now the choice is: do I hide it again or do I go to bed a bit earlier? Either way I get to dream about the impossible.  Click to buy a Dreaming of Dragons print.

Dreaming of Dragons

Dreaming of Dragons

My book One Year of Art is available now, just click on the link.   One Year of Art is a compilation of the 40 illustrations I worked on this past year.  The price will buy me a Vanilla Spiced Latte or some similar favorite drink.  This author and artist will in addition be grateful and extremely flattered for your coffee patronage.

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