In Bamboo Sketches on September 2, 2013 at 10:44 am

I had fun with this one.  It is textures all over.  Getting the textures meant looking at things closely and in the process finding that they were beautiful.  It was a texture hunt at my mother in law’s house. Simple things, like the 40 something year old pecan tree in the backyard.  Or the porch lamp with its amber glass.  Or the decades stepped upon cement on the driveway.  Or the vine covered ground by her patio door.  All beautiful and full of stories.  Do the objects that live with us store memories of our lives?  The pomegranate seeds, those we ate in the first weeks of summer… mmmhh, I guess they won’t have any memories of us.  Ha!  Click to buy a print for Nature!


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  1. This is really cool looking. You should do more like this. I like telling people what they should do.

    • Thank you! I will definitely try to do more of this. You can tell me what to do…. doesn’t mean I will do it though. Tee hee! But I will do this.

  2. Yes, I like this too! You SHOULD do more like this! Is it Photoshop mostly? Neat textures!

    • Thank you! Yes. I’m working on getting back to a rhythm. The base drawing was made with pencil and ink. The colors and textures in Photoshop.

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