In 2012 this blog was about re-discovering myself.  I have found some pieces of me in art, in jogging, in creating a plan and sticking to it as much as I can, in re-framing my inner dialogue to make it a fire that warms me and propels me forward rather than burns me.  If you want to know what this year in art was all about, I invite you to get my book One Year of Art in Amazon.  You’ll get all the 40 illustrations for the year and the way I organized my year and mind to make them happen.

In 2013 this blog is about setting and reaching more goals in art and jogging, learning French and gift my body with additional healthy meals by renouncing fast food.  If you want all the details, go to the Plan for the Year tab in this blog.  I would love for you to join me on my journey this year.  Your likes and comments, and knowing that you are following my blog make a difference for me.  I appreciate your company.

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